Saturday, February 2, 2008

Recent Projects

Attempting to do much in the way of home improvement with three little-ones in tow is like trying to...well, it's hard. But I was determined to finish up phase 1 of the laundry room, if for no other reason than b/c my wife said I couldn't start anything else until it was done. In my typical fashion of get things functional and then put the project on hold for awhile I built the cabinets boxes, but got stuck on the doors when a ridiculous math error resulted in HALF the required doors. It killed my mojo so the project hit a major delay...that is until I wanted to do some trailwork but had my request denied (and rightly so) until the doors were on. In hindsight I should have cut the doors differently and they would have been much easier to build and stronger, but I sometimes my lessons are learned by trial and error. I also realized that I purchased the wrong door hinges (on ebay - no returns) so the dimensions were a little off. The 6" jointer comes in handy for "resizing" door frames. In the end the cabinets came out looking great and I was able to spend a Saturday spreading dirt down a hillside (aka trailwork) so everybody is happy.

The second project pictured is Matthew's wall mounted guitar holder. I wanted him to be able to play his guitar anytime without the hassel of putting it back in the case and away in the closet. It's mahogany finished with marine varnish.
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