Thursday, April 11, 2013

Check you Plugin Stats!

Ever wonder how many times your plug-ins have executed and/or failed.  Run an advanced find on PluginTypeStatistic and find out!

Alert Details




The Sandbox Host service has terminated a Sandbox Worker process.



Rule Knowledgebase


The Sandbox Host service has terminated a Sandbox Worker process.


A Worker process can be terminated for multiple reasons:

1. A plug-in used resources (CPU, memory, handles) excessively.

2. A Worker process was unresponsive to the Sandbox Host service.


No action is required unless there is a consistent failure. Using Advanced Find, review the PluginTypeStatistic for plug-ins registered in the system, which will provide information about plug-ins that have contributed to process terminations.

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Creating ActivityParty for a custom Activity in Scribe

Scribe validates the activitytypecode that you supply against a list in the configuration file DynamicsCRMAdapter2011Metadata.xml.  If you try to insert a new ActivityParty for a custom activity, Scribe will not allow it until you add your entityname and activitytype to the the configuration file.  To fix this, close Scribe Workbench and edit the file XML file.  Note:  The entity name MUST match the logical entity name (e.g.  new_mycustomactivity) or you will get a different error.