Saturday, December 20, 2008

My first time (geo) caching

There are some days that I say, "we just have to blog about this." Memories that I know we will want to revisit. Today was one of those days. Last night (after a enjoyable visit to the botanical gardens) we realized that we had absolutely nothing scheduled...a rare event for a Saturday. It was a good day for a family hike, but the neighborhood trails were undoubtedly muddy from all of the rain, so we decided to try the local park built on historic coal mines. There was also the promise of a long-awaited geocaching adventure.

I think the thrill of the hunt really livens up a walk in the woods for little people. In the future we will definitely incorporate that into our hikes! We struck out on the first cache (apparently it is often muggled), but after much searching we found our second hide. The hike on the old rail grade, through the tunnel, and around the lake was quite challenging for our little guys, but they did great!

Then to top it off, we enjoyed a filling lunch at a mama-favorite: Cheeburger Cheeburger. The kids had a great time playing peek-a-boo with the staff :)

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Chris said...

Sounds like a fun day of geocaching!