Monday, November 15, 2010

Severn River Cruise on the Mobjack Bay

The weather around Veterans Day 2010 was absolutely stunning; Crystal clear blue skies, 65F, and a fresh 15-20Kts out of the NE.  I got permission to take the Alberg 22 docked near Yorktown, VA for a two-day solo cruise.  With the wind creating Small Craft Advisory conditions, I was thinking of heading NW up the York see West Point from the water and then find a little creek to tuck into.  As I headed out into the York, I was surprised to find ideal flat water conditions.  I realized there was quite a bit of protection from the land, but it was so tempting to head east…so that’s what I did.  As I got nearer to the Guinea flats, the wind picked up.  As I cleared the land and the full fetch of the Mobjack was felt, the waves were a short steep 3-5’ seas.  The Alberg could really have used a reef at this point, but easing the sheet just a little helped with the weather helm.  The boat kept a stead 4.5-5 kts with a nice motion.


Being a mid-November Thursday, there weren’t a lot of boats on the wather, so I was relieved to see a 50’ M/V and a little later, I saw what looked like two boats sailing really close together.  Later this turned out to be a gaff-rigged schooner that I followed into the Severn River.  I headed up the North branch and noticed what looked like a large sailboat behind a spit of land.  The tide was about 3’ above normal so it seemed like my 3’ draft should have no trouble getting back there.  I was rewarded with a beautiful little anchorage that was surrounded by some gorgeous Matthew’s County properties.


I didn’t have too many chances to snap pictures while sailing (solo SCA kept my attention), but the anchorage afforded an amazing sunset:

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