Thursday, December 2, 2010

How to set a recipient in the CRM Send Email window via URL querystring

I need to let the user edit the email before sending, so email templates seem to be the best choice.  I love how CRM set the Regarding to my current entity.  In addition I wanted to be able to set the To: field based on a contact record.


MSDN - URL Addressable Forms and Views

and here:

Working With All MS CRM DataTypes In Javascript

and ultimately, I figured out the querystring parameters that allow you set a PartyList attribute (To is a PartyList - thanks to Stunnware tool for that detail).  So by adding these parameters to the original Send E-Mail link, the email opens pre-populated:



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Vinoth said...


Have you tried to add more than one Recipents in the To or CC fields by passing parameter in URL

Have identified anything using Stunnware?