Saturday, January 15, 2011

Troubleshooting CRM SSRS Errors

I had a perfectly happy production CRM environment humming along nicely…until I tried to install a second CRM instance that used the same SSRS server.  After the install (and rebooting the SSRS server), my production reports stopped working and the new CRM’s reports we’re not working either. 

I went through an episode of this w/ MS Premier Support during the first CRM install and I remembered some of the troubleshooting steps we took back then. 


The first thing I tried was to enable remote errors in SSRS.  That only helped a little because CRM still displayed the friendly error page, “Report cannot be displayed”.  To have CRM give me the detailed error message I had to set the DevErrors key to “true” in the CRM Web.Config and now I can see the error.  After adding the SSRS service account to my new CRM’s AD Group PrivReportingGroup and restarting the SSRS service, my “new” CRM reports started working, but the old ones were still broken.  Opening Regedit on the SSRS server to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MSCRM I can see my configdb key is pointing to the wrong server (this is what the CRM Data Connecor uses).  When I changed that key back to my production database instance (similar to the procedure for moving a CRM database) and rebooting my SSRS server, the reports worked again.



Step One – Enable Remote Errors on SSRS

Step Two – Change CRM Web.Config DevErrors key to “On”

Step Three – Check the Active Directory groups (Start  -- Run -- DSA.MSC )

Step Four – Check Registry Keys


Microsoft support confirmed my predicament.  To do what I want (two CRMs on one SSRS server) I need to install a second SSRS instance.

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