Friday, July 1, 2011

Bing Map Browser for CRM 2011

There is a very usable Silverlight Bing Map Browser on Codeplex.  The documentation is a little light so here are a couple of tips on setup:


There are two different HTML resources

1.       LocateAddress – this is used on a form like Contact to find the Lat/Lon of an address

2.       BingMapBrowser – this is the control that maps multiple records based on the FetchXML you configure


Mapping a Contact

I followed the “configure entity form” instructions and added the web resource in a section on a new Contact form.  One thing that was confusing to me, the control only works with Lat/Lon BUT it will do an address lookup and enter Lat/Lon on your Contact form if you press the “FillLatLong” button.


Mapping multiple records

I left the default BingMapConfig.xml settings and the browser mapped all my Contacts and Accounts.  You can test it by clicking on the link in the URL property of the BingMapBrowser web resource.   To add a link in the left nav, you need to export and modify your Sitemap (WARNING: always keep a backup copy).  I added “Maps” to the Workplace bar:

          <SubArea Id="nav_maps" Url="$webresource:new_BingMapBrowser" >


              <Title LCID="1033" Title="Maps"/>




Srinivas said...


How do we pass the Bing map key? I tried the following, but doesn't seem to work.

<key id="649639B1-7FC5-DF11-933B-00155D2A6D04}>

Please reply to

Srinivas said...

I missed the OR part.

Moyo Oyegunle said...

Hello I have a peculiar problem with the Bing Maps app when I use the original Bing Maps Xml config it displays correctly but will only display a limited amount of the records for that entity(usually what would have been in the first page),also if I try adding another entity to the config that has a linked entity it doesn't seem to work(i.e I have an entity which i want to display which is linked to contacts),Any Help?