Tuesday, July 10, 2012

THE week+

Some weeks are better than others, but I just wrapped up what has to be the most fun I have had while working in one week!

Sunday - great doubles match against some old and new friends (in 101F heat)
Monday - not the best doubles play, but tennis nonetheless
Tuesday - swim meet where Annie had a Gold time in backstroke
Wednesday - the 4th of July started with wakeboarding on the James, a win at the GRSA regatta and a fun evening waiting for the fireworks
Thursday - more tennis with Aaron!
Friday - Wakeboard and waterskiing, then on to Friday Cheers!
Saturday - Watched Wimbledon women's final, planted flowers and had a great dinner and slip/slide with friends
Sunday - Shopping in Williamsburg and then on to Kingsmill
Monday - Terrific breakfast and spent the day at the beach, with a nice lunch at the new marina.  Finished up the day with 9 holes at the Independence short course and dinner at Wild Ginger.

It truly was THE week!

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