Saturday, September 26, 2015

Setting up RAID 1 on M5A78L Windows 7

My current Win7 Media Center PC has been running 24x7 for 3 plus years and the cruft on the OS was starting to really slow things down.  I figured it was time to re-install, but this time I wanted redundancy, so I bought two WD 160 drives to setup a RAID 1.  Here's the trick to setting this up in the ASUS Bios:

  1. On the SATA Configuration tab, select Ports 1-4 and change their mode to RAID (note this also changed 5-6 to RAID, so I needed to switch that back to IDE for my optical).
  2. Save and Reboot.  Wait for the RAID Bios screen to appear and hit CTRL + F
  3. In the RAID configuration, select the LD config and select LD 1 on the next screen
  4. In the LD details page, use SPACE to change value of RAID to 1 and select your drives. 
  5. CTRL + Y saves changes and then reboot and you're done!

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