Monday, March 3, 2008

Trials and trevails of microbrewing

Last night was not a real happy time in the life of this homebrewer. First the baby got a hold of a bottle and promptly clanked it against a 22oz breaking the larger (no damage to baby fortunately). Then my older son experienced a hose malfunction streaming my precious malted beverage around the laundry room and making quite a mess (ALWAYS turn off the shut-off valve) and generally the bottling process was a royal PITA with more than one minor mishap. After the last bottle was filled I gave this batch of stout the obligatory taste-test and was pleased with the initial impression. Provided that the bottles don't overcarbonate and explode (I didn't take the F.G. until after the primer was added and was shocked at how high it was), this should be a tasty brew.

We'll know more in a week or two!


Brian said...

I dont brew the alcoholic beer, but I do brew up a ton of Root Beer, and I can understand the frustration of the bottling process. I make my batched 4-5 gallons at a time and after the 25th bottle I am ready to just dump the rest down the drain!

I have looked into kegging it up and force carbonating, but that gets a little to expensive for me.

I have yet to have a bottle explode on me, but I "cure" the yeast in a cooler so if it does go the damage should be contained. I also have the benefit of being able to use plastic bottles.

ChrisS said...

I got a keg for Christmas, so I am looking forward to brewing my next batch!