Thursday, November 29, 2007

PHP + MSSQL working

I have learned much more than I wanted to about PHP trying to get TestLink working with MSSQL 2000 so here’s what I did:


  1. Downloaded ntwdblib.dll from and overwrote the c:\PHP5 version and copied to SYSTEM32 (this seems to be a key to solution)
  2. Enabled the MSSQL extension (extension=php_mssql.dll )
  3. Restart IIS
  4. Visited PHP page with the info code in it: <? phpinfo(); ?> to verify the extension loaded.
  5. Ran test code that connected to a SQL server (I just Googled it).





I try to setup testlink with PHP and MSSQL 2000. But, it's seems not support Unicode and CJK character. I've search forum in testlink and find your comments. Do you have ideas about this? I mean unicode support, thnaks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks dude. You saved my butt.
I had just screwed up creating the accounts in SQL Server but it was your little program that showed me that.

MArk B.