Wednesday, November 7, 2007

WPF experiences

Like many, I've been experimenting with SilverLight and that led me to look more into WPF. Installing the CTP seemed dicey, but it was the only way to get Visual Studio to create WPF projects. Even then, following the NetFx3 lab was tricky and frustrating. Perhaps Visual Studio 2008 will make things easier.

Rockford Lhotka said it right:
From early on, my consistent feedback to Microsoft has been that the technology is a failure if developers have to learn XAML to use WPF. By that measure, the current release of WPF is not doing well.


Alan said...

I understand you concerns about installing the CTP. Why not use a virtual PC then you do not need to worry about it messing up your machine. V.Studio 2008 is available as a virtual PC

ChrisS said...

Great idea. I kinda wrote VPC off after my first experience w/ it (very slow on older laptop) but with a Duo maybe it'd be better.